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Duniate Culture festival 2024 is taking a new direction to explore new languages in COLLABORATION

Join us at Duniatè Culture Festival 2024 is in creating new futures, ethno, techno and culture scapes crossing at unique intersections of time and space. Let's bridge the gaps for transgenerational intelligence and ethos providing the space for collaboration through research, workshops, performances, seminars, Exhibitions, discussions and lifestyle experiences.


Duniatè Culture Foundation (DCF)

An arts and culture organization based in Kaduna, Nigeria, that seeks to affect economic and systemic change in African and African diasporic communities through the arts. DCF's mission is to increase opportunities for emerging artists on the African continent and its diaspora that will expand their knowledge-base in creating and sustaining fulfilling careers in the arts.

We host several programs for emerging artists and grassroots arts/culture organizations including our international gathering--D'atè Festival; our professional development gathering, Dance Education and Entrepreneurial Practices Convening, the Kaduna Performance Festival, the YEA Creative Residency, and PeerSource —an arts administration service for emerging, independent artists and grassroots arts/culture organizations.

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